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Stars Jacket brings on sale the most competitive priced leather jackets on a budget and Manufaturing directly from the factory. Our site offers an eminent style of clothing inventively made for the personalities like you! Every item on Stars Jacket passes the ensured test of quality so that you can have the best possible attire. 

Stars Jacket – inspired jackets are everyone’s dream, they however are generally very expensive to buy for a common man! Our broad scope of the collection has all the varieties of casual and formal wear. Those varieties are profoundly found by the exceptional skill of our craftsmen. Stars Jacket aims to make a movie and tv series-inspired jackets affordable for its customer.

Our leather jackets are priced cheaper than other high street retailers in the USA,UK though compromise on quality is never an option for us. The most delicate hands of our workers believe in serving their customers in the best possible way. this fact in their heart, they prepared every piece of clothing with the intent to be their only item. We have buckled up to provide you seamless finish in the best possible budget. When it comes to buying leather jackets, a lot of research is needed since they are not very cheap and you aim to get the best value for money. So, don’t be skeptical if you find the varieties at a lesser cost as we intend to keep our profit as low as possible.

Stars Jacket works directly with several manufacturers to bring a wide range of high-quality, Working directly with manufacturers has allowed us to bring these products to you at very cheap prices, without compromising on quality.

We offer Genuine Leather jackets as well as artificial (ie) synthetic leather jackets also known as faux leather. Since everyone has a different preference and budget.

Now imitating your favorite TV character is possible because of our lively, inspired collection. Our broad scope of attires covers almost every season and show out there. Each category has its own unique taste and style with an essence of love from our side.

Our collection of leather jackets include Men’s Leather JacketsWomen’s Leather JacketsMen’s Leather CoatsMen’s Biker JacketsBlack Leather Jackets for men and women, Halloween CostumesFilms Jackets,Women Biker Leather Jacket,Women Bomber JacketWomen Brown Leather JacketShearling Jackets ,Fur Leather Coat ,Suede Jackets,Comic-Con costumes, Game costumes and Jackets and Lot more. We introduce in vogue coats, planned to shield you from overwhelming snowfall and awful climatic situations.

Stars Jacket 5 years of the journey complete


We sought after the best Leather products around the world and were finally were able to establish a Streamlined, Transparent, Engaging, and Centralized Contract & Documentation Hub to ensure Best Practices of Sourcing and Procurement.

Fine Leather

Our Story

We started in the Fall of 2010. At first, we sold just jackets online; just two rookies with leather on their mind, hoping to cash in on the celebrity fashion trend. We didn’t have a plan or business credentials but selling our first pair that week was enough for us to take it seriously and invest more time in this new venture.
Then we bought our first sample of premium leather. It was there that we learned how each type of leather was unique and could be used differently.
We realized that real leather jackets look more stylish and elegant than artificial one’s and shifted our focus to create something more durable and long lasting

Our Mission

We formed Starsjackets not to be a place where people can shop but a place where genuine connections are made. We believe personal interaction is important, and we want you to experience a sense of community. Whether it’s a connection with us, or the brands we carry, we want you to feel as though you meet a friend. From the moment you shop until the day you decide to become part of our family, we hope the experience will leave an impact on your life.

Our Promise

We are committed to bettering the world using sustainable fashion and business practices. Our leather is sourced from real animals raised locally for food. We directly co-operate with cattle farmers to ensure they receive fair prices for their leather
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Stars Jacket is growing to become an online fashion retailer providing high-quality jackets which are affordable so everyone can don one with confidence. We take pride in making Jackets in other premium quality fabrics and taken customer feedback very seriously. Now have extended our apparel range to leather gloves, handbags, suits & tuxedos, and much more!

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